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Live Blog-November 7, 2019

Write Page Titles and Meta Descriptions  Page titles should be longer than 30 characters Page titles should be shorter than 60 characters Meta Descriptions should be longer than 70 characters Meta descriptions should be shorter than 130 charactersMake each titles and descriptions uniqueTitles and descriptions should summarize pages accurately They should include your unique selling points They should include "trigger" wordsThey should be written for humans, not robots Exposer Ninja-  Metadata- data that is written into the code of your website. Its basically extra information about your website. The two most important Metadata are: Page Titles and Meta Descriptions Make your page title something that catches peoples eye and makes them want to visit your website. Also include Brand Name in the page title. You want to have a nicely laid our meta descriptions so more people click on your site so it makes it go to the top of the google results. Page Titles should be 55-70 charact…

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