Live Blog-November 7, 2019

Write Page Titles and Meta Descriptions 
  • Page titles should be longer than 30 characters 
  • Page titles should be shorter than 60 characters 
  • Meta Descriptions should be longer than 70 characters 
  • Meta descriptions should be shorter than 130 characters
  • Make each titles and descriptions unique
  • Titles and descriptions should summarize pages accurately 
  • They should include your unique selling points 
  • They should include "trigger" words
  • They should be written for humans, not robots
Exposer Ninja- 
  • Metadata- data that is written into the code of your website. Its basically extra information about your website. 
  • The two most important Metadata are: Page Titles and Meta Descriptions 
  • Make your page title something that catches peoples eye and makes them want to visit your website. 
  • Also include Brand Name in the page title. 
  • You want to have a nicely laid our meta descriptions so more people click on your site so it makes it go to the top of the google results. 
  • Page Titles should be 55-70 characters but 60 is recommended. 
  • Meta descriptions should be between 120-150 characters. 
  • OG titles are Open Graph titles that is what shows up if your page shows up in Social Media. 

Page Title: 
         Graphic Design and Studio Art | Morton Illustration 

Meta Descriptions: 

          Graphic Design and Studio Art major. Click here to view works and to get in contact with Alec            Morton. 


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